Pittsburg Community Information

Blending the best of town and country, Pittsburg is predominately a residential town, which peacefully grants every modern amenity. Bordered by towns such as Antioch and Concord, Pittsburg is home to several large employers such as the Pittsburg Unified School District, USS-POSCO Industries, Dow Chemical, Wal-Mart, The Home Depot and numerous other corporations housed in the city's many industrial and retail centers. The presence of these companies makes it possible for many residents to find outstanding jobs within town limits as opposed to having to commute into San Francisco or Oakland to find employment.

For those who do commute, however, Pittsburg has tremendous accessibility to several major highways and is supported by the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). Furthermore, two international airports are less than 30 minutes away as is a major train depot.

Pittsburg's downtown district streets are lined with retail and private businesses as well as everything from family-owned restaurants to major chain stores. The city's school system is outstanding, having earned several awards in the past decade for various student achievements and for having a low teacher to student ratio. Additionally, Pittsburg's parks and recreation system is well organized and the parkland is well maintained, providing a safe environment for children to play in and adults to enjoy.

From a struggling settlement to an industrial center, Pittsburg has grown into a pleasant community of landscaped parks, recreational facilities, shopping centers, affordable housing and planned business and commercial development. Pittsburg is clearly striding confidently into the future, each day more prosperous than the one before. New homes, renovated older homes, new businesses and a historic downtown district being revived are all signs of even better times to come.

Additionally, Pittsburg's local government has expanded the parks system, improved the roads, increased commerce and employment, expanded the Marina and built a modern Civic Center to take into the 21st century. All of this at no additional cost to the taxpayer is indicative of the city's motto, ?Working together, the progress will continue.?

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